Les Beaux & Brands
We do it from the heart.

Your fashion agency in Dusseldorf. We place your brand on the right market position leading to success and longterm partnerships.

We share our expertise in luxury and premium fashion industry with our business partners, organize sales and do consultancy.

Our philosophy is personal interaction and for your brand we take care of premium retailers at DACH-market and more. Communication is everything.

Les Beaux & Brands

The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today.

- Alexander McQueen

Interaction and experience

The brands are reflecting our curiosity and passion for special features and connecting our perception of functionality and design – pragmatism matches the aesthete, always in change, always in flow. Newcomer and sustainable products but also traditional brands with small factory and handcrafted unique pieces are complementing a thrilling portfolio. The connection of lifestyle and fashion is an exciting thing, which influences trading. It’s important, to see this relation and incorporate it.

Les Beaux & Brands

Owner and founder of the agency Les Beaux&Brands is Nadine Könen, who is working in fashion industry since 2005, experienced from work at Armani, D&G Dolce&Gabbana and Citizens of Humanity.

She is a powerful maker with passion and heart. Strength of purpose, hands-on-mentality, creativity are her forces. Good and open communication makes her a sympathetic figure, who is inspiring and creating visions.

Les Beaux & Brands