PSSBL was established in 2018 in Hong Kong and Germany. We want to create something never existed before – highly functional and sustainable, but fashionable urban bags and accessories. Bags equipping you with the right outfit for your daily urban explorations. For business, studies, holidays or just for exploring your neighborhood.

Our bags are made of 100% recycled fabrics from Taiwan and are produced in Vietnam in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. In addition to the use of sustainable materials, we actively support our PSSBL „Plastic Catch“ program in Cambodia through each sale of a PSSBL bag to finance regular plastic clean-ups and education. The “Rice for Plastic” project is helping people in the village Chong Prolai in Cambodia.

Doing good for our environment and our fellow human beings. Every PSSBL bag is actively supporting the fight against plastic waste and crafted under good and happy working conditions. 

It’s PSSBL to make a difference.

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